Image of the Day: An Aussie Arachnid Invasion

Massive spiderwebs have taken over the countryside in parts of New South Wales in Australia, turning greenery into giant living blankets that are teeming with eight-legged creatures. Record rains have caused the worst flooding in 160 years in some areas, such as Wagga Wagga, a small town located about 230 miles northwest of Sydney.

Apparently, what’s happening is that we’re witnessing a spider survival mechanism, as spiders try to get above the floodwaters and establish new homes. It’s making for incredible images, all of which are a worst nightmare for anyone with arachnophobia.

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, this was “one of the most extreme multi-day rainfall events in southeast Australia’s history,” with almost a year’s worth of rain falling during the course of just one week in some locations. 

Credit: Daniel Munoz/Reuters