Image of the Day: A Frog Marriage or a Plea for Rain?

Farmers in Nagpur, India staged a marriage between two frogs. The traditional marriage is meant to satisfy the rain gods. The region of India where Nagpur is located was experiencing some drought conditions due to the lack of monsoon rains that typically quench the region during this time of year. Reservoirs in the region were only 13 percent full and the government recently declared that the water in the reservoirs can no longer be used for agricultural purposes and must be saved as drinking water. Rains in the past few days have eased the conditions somewhat, but not completely.

Meanwhile, drought continues in the continental U.S. with a report declaring that nearly 56 percent of the lower 48 is experiencing drought conditions, a record for the U.S. Drought Monitor, which has been gathering drought data for the past 12 years.

Credit: AFP/Getty Images