Here’s Why I Like Scientists

by Michael D. Lemonick

I have a new story up at, on behalf of Climate Central, and I’ve gotten essentially the same comment on it from three different scientists. One is the author of the paper I wrote about; the others are colleagues of mine at Climate Central. Each of them said, in essence, “I especially like the last paragraph.” Here’s the paragraph:

“Indeed, Lunt is quick to say that his paper shouldn't be taken as the final word on the topic. 'In climate science,' he says, 'there's never been a paper published that's been the final word.' His point: it's only the gradual accumulation of knowledge by the community of climate scientists as a group that will ultimately reveal the truth about climate change.”

So what these three liked best is the passage that fully acknowledges the limitations of science—even while some would have you believe that climate scientists act as though they have all the answers.

And that's really what we always strive for here at Climate Central: stay as faithful as possible to the science, and to the process of science—including not just what we know, but also what we don’t know, and where the uncertainties lie.