Climate Negotiators Try to Make Headway in Bonn Talks

The latest round of U.N. climate talks are underway in Bonn, Germany, in preparation for higher-profile negotiations in Doha, Qatar later this year. The Bonn talks follow from last year's discussions in Durban, South Africa, during which many countries agreed to extend the life of the Kyoto Protocol, while also working on a new legally binding deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which would go into effect by 2020.

That new treaty is supposed to apply to industrialized and developing nations alike, whereas Kyoto only mandated emissions cuts by industrialized countries.

In Bonn, negotiators are trying to hammer out a roadmap for writing the new treaty, and are working to finalize provisions under which industrialized countries would finance climate adaptation and mitigation work in the developing world. In Durban, countries agreed to a Green Climate Fund that would commit up to $100 billion per year by 2020 for developing countries hard hit by climate change.

Yet to date, no financing has been provided under this fund. 

In addition, diplomats need to hammer out the terms under which Kyoto will be extended. The Bonn talks are scheduled to continue through May 25, with one more round of talks expected prior to the Doha meeting in December.

These talks are taking place in a climate of growing pessimism that global warming can be limited to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels, a goal that world leaders, including U.S. President Obama, committed to in 2009.

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