Climate Central Shoot in Linden, NJ: Part 2 of 2

Day Two: Friday, November 20

by Jessica Harrop

We met again the next day, and headed back to the field.  Unlike Day One, Day Two was beautiful and sunny. Almost too sunny! We had to worry about squinting and shadows instead of fog and rain.  But, everyone was in a jolly mood, and we were excited to interview Jim Croyle about his company. He spoke passionately about the need for new kinds of energy production in America, and his hope that PurGen One will be a prototype for other CCS plants in the future.

After each interview we shoot what we call “b-roll” of our subject. “B-roll” includes all of the video that covers audio track. It is good to have some images of each interviewee not speaking, so that we can have video that introduces each of our characters. It is difficult to get creative b-roll when your set is an empty field. We had Jim walk back and forth on the field talking into his cell phone, and we had him get in and out of his car.

We ended the day shooting b-roll of downtown Linden, after an awesome lunch at the Bay Way Diner, an old-fashioned stainless steel style restaurant. It had been featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in 2008, and the employees proudly played the segment for us as we ate. The waitress, Annie, knew it so well that she recited every word.  My grilled chicken pita was delicious!

All in all, we learned a lot about an interesting new business model, and had some fun doing it!