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2012 Heat Wave is Historic, if not Unprecedented

  • Published: Jul 9th, 2012

After breaking thousands of records, how does the recent heat wave compare vs. hottest summers in U.S. history?

Image of the Day: Fewer Fireworks for Fourth in Colorado

  • Published: Jul 4th, 2012

To reduce the risk of adding to Colorado's wildfire woes, a fireworks ban that outlaws private operation of fireworks is in place.

Time-Lapse Video of Boulder’s Flagstaff Fire

  • Published: Jul 1st, 2012

This extraordinary time-lapse video shows smoke & flames from the Flagstaff fire burning in mountains above Boulder, Colo.

Image of the Day: Fires Will Likely Finish Off Forests

  • Published: Jun 29th, 2012

Research from the U.S. Geological Survey indicates that forests may not return to the Southwest once the wildfires subside.

Watching from Afar as Fiery Turn Burns Our Beloved City

  • Published: Jun 28th, 2012

Having lived in Colorado Springs, watching the wildfire threatening to engulf the city feels personal.

Colorado Wildfires Explained in One Chart

  • Published: Jun 27th, 2012

With Colorado wildfires raging, this chart shows the key role played by the lack of snowfall, and early snowmelt.

The Best & Latest Info to Track the Wildfires in Colorado

  • Published: Jun 26th, 2012

Where to go to find the latest information on the Colorado wildfires, as well as other fires burning in the West.

Image of the Day: Fighting Fires Or Finishing Off Fish?

  • Published: Jun 23rd, 2012

The ingredients of red slurry, a fire-retardant chemical, are toxic and may threaten fish and drinking water.