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The Best & Latest Info to Track the Wildfires in Colorado

  • Published: Jun 26th, 2012

Where to go to find the latest information on the Colorado wildfires, as well as other fires burning in the West.

Heat Wave Bakes the West and High Plains, Moves East

  • Published: Jun 26th, 2012

Record heat in the West and High Plains is aggravating tinderbox conditions, and is moving to the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic.

Three New Studies on Sea Level Rise Bring New Concerns

  • Published: Jun 26th, 2012

Three new sea level rise studies published during the past week spell trouble for portions of the East and West Coasts.

Image of the Day: Fighting Fires Or Finishing Off Fish?

  • Published: Jun 23rd, 2012

The ingredients of red slurry, a fire-retardant chemical, are toxic and may threaten fish and drinking water.

Image of the Day: A Technicolor Land of Extremes

  • Published: May 17th, 2012

A satellite view of Death Valley, Calif., the hottest, driest, lowest point in North America.

Image of the Day: Low Water Flow Triggers Avian Cholera

  • Published: Apr 29th, 2012

More than 10,000 migrating birds in the U.S. have died from an outbreak of avian cholera caused by reduced water flowing through marshlands.

Image of the Day: Let Sleeping Volcanoes Lie

  • Published: Mar 17th, 2012

According to scientists, Death Valley's Ubehebe Crater may be ripe for another explosion.

Freak Wind Storm Wallops Western States

  • Published: Dec 2nd, 2011

An unusual wind storm slammed into the West, bringing gusts equal to the winds in a Category Four hurricane.