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Winter Is Finally Releasing Its Chilly Grip on the U.S.

  • Published: Apr 3rd, 2013

After a very cold and snowy March, spring weather is about to arrive in earnest across the U.S.

Monster Storm Lashing Outer Reaches of Alaska

  • Published: Jan 16th, 2013

A massive storm, roughly equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane, is lashing the western Aleutian Islands in Alaska.

5 Charts Help Illustrate 2012 As Warmest Year on Record

  • Published: Jan 9th, 2013

These five charts capture the record warm and dry year of 2012 throughout the lower 48 states.

A Record Lack of Rain in Drought-Stricken Nebraska

  • Published: Oct 15th, 2012

As far as drought-stricken states go, Nebraska is at the top, having seen its driest July-to-Sept. period on record.

Welcome Rains Are Forecast, But So Are Severe Storms

  • Published: Oct 12th, 2012

A wild weather weekend may be in store for much of the Plains and Midwest, as rain comes with threat of tornadoes.

Climate Extremes Index on Rise, As Climate Attitudes Shift

  • Published: Oct 9th, 2012

Citing record heat & drought, NOAA said the U.S. has experienced its most extreme weather on record so far in 2012.

Image of the Day: Satellite Spots Parched U.S. Landscape

  • Published: Oct 3rd, 2012

A NASA satellite image clearly shows the record 2012 U.S. drought in the form of unhealthy, thirsty vegetation.

Summer of 2012 Is Hottest on Record For Many in U.S.

  • Published: Sep 4th, 2012

New data shows that the summer of 2012 was one of the hottest on record in many places across the U.S.