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Image of the Day: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  • Published: Jul 22nd, 2012

Following heavy rains in Nevada, a beautiful double rainbow spread across a roadway.

NASA Animation: Watching the Earth Breathe

  • Published: Jul 22nd, 2012

A NASA animation of seasonal vegetation and it's effect on Earth's global atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Image of the Day: Population Grows, but the Earth Doesn’t

  • Published: Jul 21st, 2012

The United Nations predicts that the global population will reach 9 billion people within the next 40 years.

Explaining Explosion of Daily Record Highs Easy as Pie

  • Published: Jul 16th, 2012

As the climate has warmed, there has been a growing imbalance between record daily high temps and record daily lows.

Climate Central’s Record Temperature Tracker

  • Published: Jul 14th, 2012

Keep tabs on and explore record temperatures using Climate Central's interactive record tracker.

Image of the Day: A Frog Marriage or a Plea for Rain?

  • Published: Jul 11th, 2012

Droughts persist in India -- not to mention the U.S. -- prompting a frog marriage as an offering to the rain gods in Nagpur, India.

No Average Year, No Average Book: ‘Global Weirdness’

  • Published: Jul 5th, 2012

Climate Central's appropriately named new book tells the story of climate science in a straightforward, just-the-facts way.

Media Heats Up with Coverage of Extreme Weather

  • Published: Jul 2nd, 2012

Media outlets nationwide are talking about the heat wave & severe thunderstorms. Here's some coverage we're reading.