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Some Heat Waves Can Be More Harmful Than Others, Study Says

  • Published: Nov 20th, 2010

The location, duration and severity of U.S. heat waves all contribute to how deadly a streak of hot temperatures will be.

It Was a Toasty, Stormy October

  • Published: Nov 10th, 2010

October 2010 was the 11th warmest such month on record in the U.S., and it was marked by a rare, potent storm system.

A 60-Year Glimpse At Local Climate Change Effects

  • Published: Nov 10th, 2010

In an Oregon Mountain region, a change in plant populations marks the warming of local temperatures.

Montana Workshop Examines Ethics of Solar Radiation Management

  • Published: Nov 8th, 2010

Experts met in Montana earlier this month to explore thorny ethical questions surrounding geoengineering, or deliberately cooling the planet to counteract global warming.