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A Record Lack of Rain in Drought-Stricken Nebraska

  • Published: Oct 15th, 2012

As far as drought-stricken states go, Nebraska is at the top, having seen its driest July-to-Sept. period on record.

Welcome Rains Are Forecast, But So Are Severe Storms

  • Published: Oct 12th, 2012

A wild weather weekend may be in store for much of the Plains and Midwest, as rain comes with threat of tornadoes.

A Forecast for the American West: Hot and Hotter

  • Published: Oct 4th, 2012

As intense as the wildfires have been this year, they provide just a glimpse of the future of the American West.

Image of the Day: Drought Forces Cows to Moo-ve East

  • Published: Sep 4th, 2012

Ranchers out West are being forced to move their cattle eastward in order to escape extreme drought conditions.

Image of the Day: Fires Will Likely Finish Off Forests

  • Published: Jun 29th, 2012

Research from the U.S. Geological Survey indicates that forests may not return to the Southwest once the wildfires subside.

Southwest Wildfires Expand; Dangerous Weekend Ahead

  • Published: May 25th, 2012

Fanned by strong winds, two wildfires in New Mexico merged and tripled in size this week in the Gila National Forest.

Image of the Day: Heat Wave, What Heat Wave?

  • Published: Mar 26th, 2012

While two-thirds of the country experienced an unprecedented heatwave, Arizona and New Mexico saw snow.

Southwest Turns Anxious Eye to Shrinking Lake Mead

  • Published: Jan 29th, 2012

After recovering last year, the water level of Lake Mead - the country's largest man-made reservoir - is dropping once again.