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Tropical Storm Debby Threatens Gulf Coast

  • Published: Jun 24th, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby, the earliest fourth-named tropical storm, is bringing high winds and heavy rain to the Gulf Coast.

Waterspout Video: Perhaps It Was Time to Ditch Camera

  • Published: May 17th, 2012

A mesmerizing waterspout off the Louisiana coast quickly turns into a frightening event on land for a resident of Grand Isle.

Stunning Waterspout Images from Louisiana

  • Published: May 10th, 2012

Multiple waterspouts occurred along the Louisiana coast on Wednesday, resulting in stunning images and some damage.

Climate in Tennessee is Ripe for More Monkey Business

  • Published: Apr 12th, 2012

As it was in 1925, Tennessee is back on the national radar for its stance on science (evolution & climate change).

Miami Herald: Rising Sea Levels Imperil Our State

  • Published: Mar 23rd, 2012

Rising seas, dense coastal populations, porous bedrock, and tropical storms put more at risk to sea level rise in Florida than any other state by far.

Plains Blizzard Winds Down; Philippines Storm Becomes Deadliest of 2011

  • Published: Dec 20th, 2011

As a fierce blizzard winds down in the Plains, the death toll from Tropical Storm Washi rises in the Philippines.

Wildfires and No Drought Relief in Sight for Southwest

  • Published: May 18th, 2011

While the Miss. River flooding continues, drought in the Southwest is adding to the worst spring wildfire season in over a decade.

Heat Waves and Nuclear Power — Part Two

  • Published: May 4th, 2011

Floods in the Midwest and a new SolveClimate story are a reminder of nuclear power's vulnerability to climate change.