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Arctic Exploration for Climate Science

  • Published: Mar 14th, 2011

A team of explorers have set off across the Arctic to track the effects of climate change.

Weekly Climate Science Roundup: March 1-7

  • Published: Mar 8th, 2011

A round up of noteworthy climate science studies published during the first week of March.

Arctic Sea Ice Ties Another Record Low

  • Published: Mar 7th, 2011

Arctic sea ice extent declined to its lowest level on record for the month of February, tying the previous record set in 2005.

Loading the Dice for Heavier Snowfall

  • Published: Mar 2nd, 2011

An announcement from an environmental group says heavier snowfalls are consistent with climate change.

Permafrost Timebomb

  • Published: Feb 18th, 2011

As the Arctic melts, the ground may release half again as much carbon dioxide as humans have created through fossil-fuel burning in the past few hundred years.

The Year the Arctic Shifted South

  • Published: Feb 7th, 2011

This winter has featured unusually cold and snowy conditions in the Lower-48 states, with much milder than average conditions in the Arctic.

Climate in Context: Facing Off With Climate Skeptics; Arctic Ice Melting Affects Phytoplankton

  • Published: Sep 20th, 2010

The late Stephen Schneider take questions from climate skeptics; New study finds link between phytoplankton blooms and declining Arctic sea ice.

Inside the Arctic Circle

  • Published: Jun 22nd, 2010

The ICESCAPE mission reaches the Arctic Circle and begins to create data-gathering "ice stations".