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Miami Herald: Rising Sea Levels Imperil Our State

  • Published: Mar 23rd, 2012

Rising seas, dense coastal populations, porous bedrock, and tropical storms put more at risk to sea level rise in Florida than any other state by far.

Image of the Day: This Gecko Isn’t Selling Insurance

  • Published: Mar 21st, 2012

Conservationists fear some rare species in the Seychelles are at risk due to climate change-related impacts on their habitat

Image of the Day: Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Faster

  • Published: Mar 18th, 2012

A new estimate lowers the amount of heat necessary, and thus the time needed, to melt the Greenland ice sheet

Image of the Day: Location, Location, Location

  • Published: Mar 11th, 2012

Kiribati's leaders are considering plans to relocate its population to Fiji amid climate change fears.

Image of the Day: Sea of Protests on Maldives

  • Published: Mar 7th, 2012

Hundreds of supporters of the former Maldives president clashed with police amid protests aimed at unseating the country's new president.

Sea Level Rise Poses Big Threat to Washington, D.C.

  • Published: Jan 17th, 2012

Washington, D.C. is vulnerable to even minor amounts of sea level rise, which according to some studies is virtually guaranteed.

Science Prevails as Climate Science Data Won’t be Censored in Texas Report

  • Published: Dec 22nd, 2011

After a public conflict, the Rick Perry administration has agreed to allow the publication of an oceanographer's report on sea level rise in Galveston Bay.

New Jersey Faces Serious Climate Change Risks, Experts Warn

  • Published: Dec 2nd, 2011

More extreme hot days and more flooding will mean economic, environmental and health consequences for the Garden State.