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Image of the Day: ‘Come See Glaciers Before They Melt’

  • Published: Apr 27th, 2012

"Come see the ice caps before they melt" is a grim reminder of climate change, but it's helped Greenland's tourism.

42 Years Later, Do We Suffer Green Fatigue on Earth Day?

  • Published: Apr 22nd, 2012

In short, the nation’s environmental consciousness really began to coalesce in 1970, focusing Americans’ attention.

If A Tree Falls in the Senate, Will Anyone Hear Sea Rise?

  • Published: Apr 20th, 2012

At Thursday's Senate hearing, it was made painfully clear that climate change isn’t high on the legislative agenda

Forget the Warm Winter: Let’s Talk About the Cold

  • Published: Apr 16th, 2012

If next March is unusually cold, we’re going to have stories explaining how it's also consistent with climate change.

Image of the Day: Summertime Blues for Brook Trout

  • Published: Apr 3rd, 2012

Elevated summer temperatures have been shown to delay spawning and reduce nest construction for brook trout.

Going Out on a Limb: Forecasting Snowier Winters?

  • Published: Mar 30th, 2012

Global warming-related Arctic sea ice loss may be contributing to snowier winters in parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

Image of the Day: Nothing Here But Us Telegraph Wires

  • Published: Mar 29th, 2012

This photo has nothing to do with climate change, but we loved it so much we just had to share.

Jim’s Frank TED Talk: Speaking Out on Climate Change

  • Published: Mar 9th, 2012

Hansen goes out a limb again in this video of his TED talk on the dangers of delaying climate change action.