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Image of the Day: A Maple Syrup Story With a Bitter Taste

  • Published: Apr 2nd, 2012

The sap flow from the maple trees is governed by alternate freezing and thawing patterns in the late winter.

Image of the Day: Water, Water, Nowhere

  • Published: Mar 31st, 2012

With a growing population and global warming raising temperatures, water resources are being impacted.

Miami Herald: Rising Sea Levels Imperil Our State

  • Published: Mar 23rd, 2012

Rising seas, dense coastal populations, porous bedrock, and tropical storms put more at risk to sea level rise in Florida than any other state by far.

Spring Gets Ahead of Itself: Heidi Cullen’s NYT Op-Ed

  • Published: Mar 19th, 2012

It used to be that a warm day in March felt like a gift, but now it feels as if we’re paying for it.

Image of the Day: Let Sleeping Volcanoes Lie

  • Published: Mar 17th, 2012

According to scientists, Death Valley's Ubehebe Crater may be ripe for another explosion.

Jim’s Frank TED Talk: Speaking Out on Climate Change

  • Published: Mar 9th, 2012

Hansen goes out a limb again in this video of his TED talk on the dangers of delaying climate change action.

Move Over Beatles, Here Comes the Sun—Literally

  • Published: Mar 8th, 2012

The solar storm that sent a chunk of the Sun toward Earth at four million m.p.h. turned out to be much ado about nothing.

A Swing from Drought to Deluge in Texas and Nearby States

  • Published: Mar 8th, 2012

After the worst one-year drought on record, Texas has turned very wet, raising short-term flood concerns