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Dirty Soil and Diabetes: Anniston’s Toxic Legacy

  • Published: Jun 24th, 2012

A low income community has a high rate of diabetes, linked to PCBs exposure from contamination from a Monsanto plant.

Image of the Day: Fighting Fires Or Finishing Off Fish?

  • Published: Jun 23rd, 2012

The ingredients of red slurry, a fire-retardant chemical, are toxic and may threaten fish and drinking water.

Image of the Day: A Shimmer of Light in Rio

  • Published: Jun 22nd, 2012

The light room at the Project Future exhibitions in Forte Copacabana, Brazil, a complement the Rio+20 summit.

Image of the Day: Reef Rises From Retired Rig

  • Published: Jun 21st, 2012

An oil platform that is no longer in use now teems with life from a coral reef growing on the structure.

The Word From Colbert to North Carolina: Sink or Swim

  • Published: Jun 6th, 2012

The Word from Stephen Colbert as he adds his spin on a proposed North Carolina law on sea level rise.

Image of the Day: Germany Sets Solar Power Record

  • Published: Jun 2nd, 2012

German solar power plants set a world record in late May, meeting nearly 50 percent of the nation’s midday needs.

Climate Negotiators Try to Make Headway in Bonn Talks

  • Published: May 17th, 2012

Global climate talks are underway in Bonn, Germany, to pave the way for high-profile negotiations in Qatar later this year.

Image of the Day: Gray Days in China Raise Concern

  • Published: May 14th, 2012

With rapidly emerging economies like China not obligated to curb emissions, many nations question 20-year-old protocols.