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Image of the Day: Fish Sticks! A One-Two Climate Punch

  • Published: Sep 17th, 2012

For Alaska pollock, the white fish primarily used in fish-sticks, climate change is a one-two punch.

Image of the Day: The Tongue of the Malaspina Glacier

  • Published: Sep 9th, 2012

A satellite image shows the tongue of the Malaspina glacier, the largest glacier in Alaska.

To Say ‘Deep Water’ is a Great Read is Selling it Short

  • Published: Sep 5th, 2012

The search for ancient shorelines is at the core of 'Deep Water,' a terrific new e-book by veteran journalist Dan Grossman.

Image of the Day: Tiny Robots to Repair the Reefs

  • Published: Sep 3rd, 2012

Scottish researchers are developing small underwater robots that could be sent in swarms to save coral reefs.

Isaac Fades, but Odds of Hurricane Disaster Loom

  • Published: Aug 31st, 2012

Isaac was no Katrina, and Leslie and Kirk pose no threat, but that doesn’t mean we should stop worrying about hurricanes.

Image of the Day: Akimiski Island on the Rebound

  • Published: Aug 26th, 2012

A satellite view of Akimiski Island, which has rebounded after years being compressed under glaciers.

Image of the Day: Fish Feel the Heat of Global Warming

  • Published: Aug 18th, 2012

A new study says that tropical fish in Australia are dying off or moving south due to climate change.

Image of the Day: Pink Flamingos Don’t Party Over Climate

  • Published: Aug 14th, 2012

Climate change could spell trouble for wading birds such as flamingos that depend on shallow coastal wetlands.