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Hurricane Sandy Poses Growing Threat To East Coast

  • Published: Oct 24th, 2012

Computer models show that Hurricane Sandy may threaten the Northeast in the form of a powerful nor'easter.

Will Tropical Storm Sandy Threaten U.S. East Coast?

Will Tropical Storm Sandy Threaten U.S. East Coast?

  • Published: Oct 23rd, 2012

Tropical Storm Sandy could become a massive storm that pummels the East Coast, or it move harmlessly out to sea.

Grim Storm Scenarios Loom for Mid-Atlantic, Northeast

  • Published: Oct 22nd, 2012

"Perfect storm" scenario may loom for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast as tropical storm Sandy develops in the Caribbean.

Image of the Day: Storms Soar Over the Sweltering City

  • Published: Jul 19th, 2012

Record high temperatures fueled severe thunderstorms across the eastern U.S. on Wednesday, including in NYC.

You Say ‘Derecho,’ We Say ‘Must-See’ Video

  • Published: Jul 6th, 2012

Amazing video helps explain the "derecho" event that knocked out power to millions and killed about two dozen on June 29.

Heat Wave Expands Again Before Retreating to the West

  • Published: Jul 3rd, 2012

The June heat wave is now also the early July heat wave, with utility companies reporting some progress restoring power.

Media Heats Up with Coverage of Extreme Weather

  • Published: Jul 2nd, 2012

Media outlets nationwide are talking about the heat wave & severe thunderstorms. Here's some coverage we're reading.

Image of the Day: Invasion of the Jellyfish

  • Published: Jul 2nd, 2012

Due to the warm water temperatures & salinity levels, Delaware & Maryland beaches are expecting jellyfish earlier.