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Image of the Day: Cherry Blossoms Hit Premature Peak

  • Published: Mar 24th, 2012

Unusually warm weather spurred an early peak of blooms for tourists in D.C.

Image of the Day: Superior View of Ice & Snow

  • Published: Mar 20th, 2012

The lack of ice on Lake Superior this winter puts the average decline in ice coverage over the past 40 winters at 79 percent.

Image of the Day: Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Faster

  • Published: Mar 18th, 2012

A new estimate lowers the amount of heat necessary, and thus the time needed, to melt the Greenland ice sheet

Image of the Day: Let Sleeping Volcanoes Lie

  • Published: Mar 17th, 2012

According to scientists, Death Valley's Ubehebe Crater may be ripe for another explosion.

Image of the Day: Hippos Are in Their Element

  • Published: Mar 16th, 2012

A few hippos surface from a pond in the Maasai Mara national reserve in Kenya, an area heavily affected by prolonged drought.

Image of the Day: Silent Footsteps in the Snow

  • Published: Mar 3rd, 2012

A miko, or shrine maiden, walks as snow falls at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan.

Image of the Day: A Beautiful Feathery Ice Crystal

  • Published: Mar 1st, 2012

Delicate ice crystals are formed from the snow during a cold, calm night.

Image of the Day: (Not Enough) Snow Falling on Cedars

  • Published: Feb 29th, 2012

A warming climate is killing off yellow-cedar trees on more than 500,000 acres of Southeast Alaska.