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Isaac Fades, but Odds of Hurricane Disaster Loom

  • Published: Aug 31st, 2012

Isaac was no Katrina, and Leslie and Kirk pose no threat, but that doesn’t mean we should stop worrying about hurricanes.

Image of the Day: Hurricane Isaac by Moonlight

  • Published: Aug 31st, 2012

A satellite image from NASA captured an ominous-looking Hurricane Isaac as it approached the Gulf Coast.

Image of the Day: Akimiski Island on the Rebound

  • Published: Aug 26th, 2012

A satellite view of Akimiski Island, which has rebounded after years being compressed under glaciers.

Image of the Day: Avalanche Lilies on Mount Rainier

  • Published: Aug 25th, 2012

Researchers examine the relationship between flowers and their pollinators on Washington's highest mountain.

Image of the Day: This Tale Reeks of Rats

  • Published: Aug 23rd, 2012

Chicago enjoyed last year's mild winter, but it now has to deal with a rat infestation usually kept in check by the cold.

Image of Day: Exotic Crops May Become the Norm in UK

  • Published: Aug 21st, 2012

New global warming research suggests that by 2060 England may look very much like Madeira, an island just off Morocco.

Image of the Day: Surrealistic Swirls in the Sky

  • Published: Aug 20th, 2012

A satellite image takes on a surreal quality as it reveals swirling clouds in a pattern known as a "von Karman vortex street."

Image of the Day: Swiss Pilgrims Alter Anti-Glacial Prayer

  • Published: Aug 17th, 2012

Amid a changing climate, Alpine pilgrims warm up to ice after 350 years of prayers for melting.