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Grim Storm Scenarios Loom for Mid-Atlantic, Northeast

  • Published: Oct 22nd, 2012

"Perfect storm" scenario may loom for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast as tropical storm Sandy develops in the Caribbean.

Image of the Day: Denmark’s Pioneer Perspective on Wind

  • Published: Sep 2nd, 2012

Denmark already holds the world record for electricity consumed that comes from wind and still has plans for more.

Image of the Day: Niger Caught Amid Weather Extremes

  • Published: Aug 28th, 2012

Niger's capital city was hit was severe flooding just before the region suffered from extreme drought.

Image of Day: Exotic Crops May Become the Norm in UK

  • Published: Aug 21st, 2012

New global warming research suggests that by 2060 England may look very much like Madeira, an island just off Morocco.

Image of the Day: Super Smart Car, a Breath of Fresh Air

  • Published: Aug 19th, 2012

Airpods are vehicles producing zero pollution and zip around at 40 mph through the magic of compressed air.

Image of the Day: Fish Feel the Heat of Global Warming

  • Published: Aug 18th, 2012

A new study says that tropical fish in Australia are dying off or moving south due to climate change.

Image of the Day: Swiss Pilgrims Alter Anti-Glacial Prayer

  • Published: Aug 17th, 2012

Amid a changing climate, Alpine pilgrims warm up to ice after 350 years of prayers for melting.

Image of the Day: Most Bizarre Fish You’ve Ever Seen?

  • Published: Aug 11th, 2012

Many Pacific Ocean areas may become uninhabitable due to sea level rise, coastal inundation and shifting rainfall.