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Image of the Day: This Gecko Isn’t Selling Insurance

  • Published: Mar 21st, 2012

Conservationists fear some rare species in the Seychelles are at risk due to climate change-related impacts on their habitat

Image of the Day: Monarch’s Mexico Migration Minimizes

  • Published: Mar 19th, 2012

The number of Monarch butterflies spending their winters in Mexico dropped 28 percent, according to a new report.

Image of the Day: Hippos Are in Their Element

  • Published: Mar 16th, 2012

A few hippos surface from a pond in the Maasai Mara national reserve in Kenya, an area heavily affected by prolonged drought.

Image of the Day: Location, Location, Location

  • Published: Mar 11th, 2012

Kiribati's leaders are considering plans to relocate its population to Fiji amid climate change fears.

China Pushes Back Against EU Emissions Trading Fees

  • Published: Mar 10th, 2012

To protest a global warming program, the Chinese government is holding up orders for billions worth of European aircraft.

Image of the Day: An Aussie Arachnid Invasion

  • Published: Mar 10th, 2012

Massive spiderwebs have taken over the countryside in parts of New South Wales thanks to record rains and flooding.

‘Chasing Ice’ Catches Up to Earth’s Changing Climate

  • Published: Mar 8th, 2012

Powerful documentary showcases a changing climate through beautiful time-lapse cinematography.

Image of the Day: Sea of Protests on Maldives

  • Published: Mar 7th, 2012

Hundreds of supporters of the former Maldives president clashed with police amid protests aimed at unseating the country's new president.