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Video A Home Run on Steroids, Baseball & Climate Change

  • Published: Feb 8th, 2012

A delightful cartoon video from NCAR explaining how greenhouse gases have a similar impact to steroids in a baseball player.

What’s Causing the Deadly Cold in Europe?

  • Published: Feb 7th, 2012

A deadly cold wave in Europe is likely tied in part to a recent shift in a key driver of winter weather, known as the Arctic Oscillation.

New Study Casts Doubt on “Missing Heat” Hypothesis

  • Published: Jan 30th, 2012

Have you heard the tale about the “missing heat” in the climate system? Well, it turns out it may not have gone missing after all.

A Graphical Tour Through the Climate of 2011

  • Published: Jan 20th, 2012

The streak of warm years continued in 2011, with severe weather and climate extremes in the U.S. and worldwide.

Sea Level Rise Poses Big Threat to Washington, D.C.

  • Published: Jan 17th, 2012

Washington, D.C. is vulnerable to even minor amounts of sea level rise, which according to some studies is virtually guaranteed.

Warming Arctic May Be Causing Cooler Winters in Eastern U.S., Europe

  • Published: Jan 13th, 2012

A new study finds a link between a rapidly warming Arctic and cooler winters in the eastern U.S.

Exploring the New EPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Database

  • Published: Jan 13th, 2012

What does the new EPA greenhouse gas emissions database show? We break down some interesting facts.

Covering the Coverage: Scientists Propose Cuts in Methane, Soot Emissions

  • Published: Jan 13th, 2012

What experts are saying about a new proposal to help solve global warming by reducing methane and soot emissions.