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Why Groundwater is Another Sea Level Rise Concern

  • Published: May 4th, 2012

Sea level rise threatens to cause groundwater-related problems in coastal communities, such as New Haven, CT

Video: Extreme Weather and Rapid Arctic Warming

  • Published: May 2nd, 2012

Video explores emerging evidence showing how extreme weather in the N. Hemisphere may be connected to a warming Arctic.

Image of the Day: Indonesian Oil Palm Plantations

  • Published: Apr 29th, 2012

The continued expansion of palm oil plantations on Indonesia's peatlands stands to release a major amount of greenhouse gases.

42 Years Later, Do We Suffer Green Fatigue on Earth Day?

  • Published: Apr 22nd, 2012

In short, the nation’s environmental consciousness really began to coalesce in 1970, focusing Americans’ attention.

Jim Hansen, Climate Bulldog: Still Going Strong at 70

  • Published: Apr 9th, 2012

Nearly 25 years after James Hansen put climate change on the national radar, he is more deeply involved than ever.

“Strong” Links of Manmade Heat, Rainfall Extremes: Study

  • Published: Mar 27th, 2012

Two new studies on how climate change influences extreme weather and climate events add valuable insight.

Flora and Fauna Feel the Effects of an Early Spring

  • Published: Mar 20th, 2012

The broad geographic scope of this March warmth has been noticed by and caused issues for certain plant and animal species.

Image of the Day: Superior View of Ice & Snow

  • Published: Mar 20th, 2012

The lack of ice on Lake Superior this winter puts the average decline in ice coverage over the past 40 winters at 79 percent.