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NASA Releases Stunning “Blue Marble” Image of Earth

  • Published: Jan 27th, 2012

A recently launched NASA satellite captured a high-resolution view of the Earth, known as a "Blue Marble" image.

A Graphical Tour Through the Climate of 2011

  • Published: Jan 20th, 2012

The streak of warm years continued in 2011, with severe weather and climate extremes in the U.S. and worldwide.

Covering the Coverage: Scientists Propose Cuts in Methane, Soot Emissions

  • Published: Jan 13th, 2012

What experts are saying about a new proposal to help solve global warming by reducing methane and soot emissions.

China Inching Forward with Electric Cars and Hybrids

  • Published: Dec 28th, 2011

China has ambitious goals for producing electric and hybrid vehicles, but the reality is a different story.

Global Warming and Malaria: It’s Kind of Complicated

  • Published: Dec 22nd, 2011

As temperatures warm and animals hosting infectious diseases take on a wider range, many factors come into play complicating predictions on what to expect

Plains Blizzard Winds Down; Philippines Storm Becomes Deadliest of 2011

  • Published: Dec 20th, 2011

As a fierce blizzard winds down in the Plains, the death toll from Tropical Storm Washi rises in the Philippines.

Global Warming Satellite Data Claims Don’t Withstand Scrutiny

  • Published: Dec 20th, 2011

Examining claims that temperature data from satellites casts doubt on mainstream climate science findings.

Tropical Storm Washi Triggers Disastrous Flooding in Philippines

  • Published: Dec 19th, 2011

A tropical cyclone traversing an unusual path took the southern Philippines by surprise, killed at least 900 from flash flooding.