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Image of the Day: Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Faster

  • Published: Mar 18th, 2012

A new estimate lowers the amount of heat necessary, and thus the time needed, to melt the Greenland ice sheet

SimCity Reboot Includes Climate Change

  • Published: Mar 12th, 2012

The new version of SimCity, due out next year, will include climate change as part of the simulation experience.

Move Over Beatles, Here Comes the Sun—Literally

  • Published: Mar 8th, 2012

The solar storm that sent a chunk of the Sun toward Earth at four million m.p.h. turned out to be much ado about nothing.

No Snow? No Problem; Urban Skiing Hits the Streets

  • Published: Feb 29th, 2012

A video proving that even in poor skiing conditions, it's possible to have a little fun urban style.

Image of the Day: A Mesmerizing Cloud of Interstellar Dust

  • Published: Feb 28th, 2012

A giant cloud of interstellar dust, lit up by the glow of a nearby star.

Video A Home Run on Steroids, Baseball & Climate Change

  • Published: Feb 8th, 2012

A delightful cartoon video from NCAR explaining how greenhouse gases have a similar impact to steroids in a baseball player.

Image of the Day: The Iconic Blue Marble, Part 2

  • Published: Feb 6th, 2012

An Eastern Hemisphere companion to the wildly popular "Blue Marble" image of Earth released last week.

Image of the Day: A Soothing View of Green and Blue

  • Published: Feb 5th, 2012

A NASA instrument captures this soothing image illustrating the locations where incoming solar energy is reflected back to space