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Image of the Day: Population Grows, but the Earth Doesn’t

  • Published: Jul 21st, 2012

The United Nations predicts that the global population will reach 9 billion people within the next 40 years.

Image of the Day: Fluorescent Frogfish May Fail to Flourish

  • Published: Jul 14th, 2012

Reef fish, like the giant frogfish, will be in danger in a warming climate as coral reefs will begin to degrade.

Image of the Day: The Milky Way In a New Light

  • Published: Jul 9th, 2012

A long-exposure photo of the Milky Way at night from the Australian Outback reveals our home galaxy’s hidden beauty.

Trillions at Stake in Sea Level Rise for 20 Global Port Cities

  • Published: Jul 7th, 2012

Assessment of sea level rise exposure in major port cities around the world finds $3 trillion currently at risk.

Fukushima Disaster ‘Man-Made’ and ‘Avoidable’

  • Published: Jul 5th, 2012

A report by a panel from the Japanese parliament declared that the Fukushima nuclear disaster was avoidable.

No Average Year, No Average Book: ‘Global Weirdness’

  • Published: Jul 5th, 2012

Climate Central's appropriately named new book tells the story of climate science in a straightforward, just-the-facts way.

Image of the Day: Summer Solstice Starts Celebrations

  • Published: Jun 24th, 2012

The summer solstice occurs every year exactly when the Earth's and the moon's axial tilt is most slanted towards the sun.

The Issue of Population is More Than a Little Radioactive

  • Published: May 23rd, 2012

Earth’s booming human population is at the root of just about every environmental crisis that threatens the natural world.