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Image of the Day: Algerian Abstract is a Work of Space Art

  • Published: Aug 5th, 2012

What seems to be yellow paint streaks slicing through a collection of colors are ridges of wind-blown sand in the Sahara.

Image of the Day: For This Forest, It’s Easy Being Green

  • Published: Aug 4th, 2012

The Guyana Iwokrama forest is protected from deforestation, which generates one-fifth of all greenhouse gases.

Image of the Day: A ‘Starry Night’ of Algae from Space

  • Published: Jul 29th, 2012

An explosion of blooms occur when deep currents bring nutrients up to the water surface and spurs the growth of algae.

Sally Ride: ‘Rare Person Who Made Us All Better’

  • Published: Jul 24th, 2012

Ride could have done anything, but she chose to devote her life to science and served as an inspiration to millions.

Countdown to July 24 Release of ‘Global Weirdness’

  • Published: Jul 23rd, 2012

The countdown is on. We're talking hours here. Climate Central’s first book -- Global Weirdness -- hits the stores on July 24.

Image of the Day: Rarely Seen Night-Shining Clouds

  • Published: Jul 23rd, 2012

A rare shot of "noctilucent" clouds, eerie, thin threadlike clouds of mysterious origin that appear at twilight.

Image of the Day: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  • Published: Jul 22nd, 2012

Following heavy rains in Nevada, a beautiful double rainbow spread across a roadway.

NASA Animation: Watching the Earth Breathe

  • Published: Jul 22nd, 2012

A NASA animation of seasonal vegetation and it's effect on Earth's global atmospheric carbon dioxide.