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At COP15, Science on the Sidelines

  • Published: Dec 14th, 2009

Climate Central contributor Andrew Freedman reports from the conference in Copenhagen.

Stopping Climate Change: What We Can Learn From Refrigerators

  • Published: Dec 14th, 2009

Philip Duffy reflects on a presentation by Steve Chu, the Nobel-prize winning physicist who now leads the U.S. Department of Energy

Seeing REDD in Copenhagen

  • Published: Dec 14th, 2009

Nicole Heller accompanies delegates as they search for funds to save Nigerian forests—and keep their carbon out of the atmosphere.

Why Temperatures Could Eventually Go Higher Than We Think

  • Published: Dec 10th, 2009

Michael Lemonick explains why most climate projections leave out important effects that will kick in after 2100.

Here’s Why I Like Scientists

  • Published: Dec 9th, 2009

Michael Lemonick finds that, contrary to what we're sometimes led to believe, good scientists are inherently cautious about making definitive claims.

Copenhagen and Climategate

  • Published: Dec 7th, 2009

Andrew Freedman explores how the controversy of stolen emails sets the scene for the Copenhagen summit.

Things In Motion Sooner Catch the Eye Than What Not Stirs

  • Published: Dec 7th, 2009

Ben Strauss considers the current controversy over email stolen from climate scientists.

Climate Central Shoot in Linden, NJ: Part 2 of 2

  • Published: Nov 25th, 2009

We met again the next day, and headed back to the field. Unlike Day One, Day Two was beautiful and sunny. Almost too sunny! We had to worry about squinting and shadows instead of fog and rain. But, everyone was in a jolly mood, and we were excited to interview Jim Croyle about his company. He spoke passionately about the need for new kinds of energy production in America, and his hope that PurGen One will be a prototype for other CCS plants in the future.