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The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Read About Climate Change, or Maybe Anything

  • Published: Dec 17th, 2009

Philip Duffy gets fired up about a new paper published in Nature.

Analysis of US Delegation’s Climate Numbers

  • Published: Dec 16th, 2009

Climate Central scientists analyze the claims made at COP15 by the US Climate Change Special Envoy Todd Stern

US Delegation’s Carbon Figures Check Out, But Mask Divides

  • Published: Dec 16th, 2009

Climate Central fact checks special envoy's press conference statements.

The Sexiest Men Alive

  • Published: Dec 16th, 2009

Philip Duffy blogs about energy efficiency and desire, in Copenhagen.

A Carbon-Reducing Bicycle Wheel?

  • Published: Dec 15th, 2009

The “Copenhagen Wheel” debuts today as a way to encourage bike commuting and thus reduce overall emissions. Whether or not it works, the technology is pretty clever.

Negotiators Zero in on Forest Deal

  • Published: Dec 15th, 2009

Andrew Freedman reports on progress towards a deal to keep forest carbon in forests and out of the atmosphere.

Arctic Ice Flows Appear To Be Moving Faster than COP15 Negotiators

  • Published: Dec 14th, 2009

Nicole Heller and Andrew Freedman write about science meeting politics at the Copenhagen conference.

The (Hidden) Costs of Climate Change

  • Published: Dec 14th, 2009

Philip Duffy asks whether we can afford to ignore climate change.