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Climate Science Community Loses Giant in Jerry Mahlman

  • Published: Dec 12th, 2012

The climate science community lost a true giant with the recent death of Jerry Mahlman.

World Bank Ties Ending Poverty with Climate Change

  • Published: Nov 19th, 2012

A World Bank report urges action on climate change as it examines the impacts of a 7.2°F rise in global temperature.

Only Rare Cold Will Keep 2012 From Being Hottest Year

  • Published: Nov 18th, 2012

While it's still technically possible that 2012 won't end up as the warmest year on record for the U.S., but it's not likely.

Post Sandy, Wetlands Could Help Shore Up NYC’s Defense

  • Published: Nov 12th, 2012

New York City's shoreline could help be protected by wetlands, but only if there are enough of them.

Will Sandy Be the Climate Change Wakeup Call We Need?

  • Published: Nov 2nd, 2012

Global warming almost certainly made Hurricane Sandy worse than it would otherwise have been.

How Fujiwhara Effect Will Toss Hurricane Sandy Into U.S.

How Fujiwhara Effect Will Toss Hurricane Sandy Into U.S.

  • Published: Oct 27th, 2012

One of the driving forces behind Hurricane Sandy pinwheeling toward the northwest is something called the "Fujiwhara effect".

How Hurricane Sandy Can Become a ‘Frankenstorm’

  • Published: Oct 26th, 2012

If Hurricane Sandy hits the East Coast, it won’t be right to call it a hurricane any more. Or even a tropical storm.

Sandy Is a Truly Unusual Event, Worthy of Our Attention

  • Published: Oct 26th, 2012

As the East Coast tracks Hurricane Sandy's path, the storm is a truly unusual event that commands our attention.