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Snow, Deadly Tornadoes Slam Upper Midwest, Ohio Valley

  • Published: Feb 29th, 2012

A powerful storm spawned deadly tornadoes, at the same time as blizzard conditions pummeled the Upper Midwest.

What’s Causing the Deadly Cold in Europe?

  • Published: Feb 7th, 2012

A deadly cold wave in Europe is likely tied in part to a recent shift in a key driver of winter weather, known as the Arctic Oscillation.

Image of the Day: Braving the Blizzard in Europe

  • Published: Feb 7th, 2012

A woman braves the cold in Macedonia even though temperatures in Europe have dropped to as low as -20°F

Extreme Cold Proves Deadly in Europe

  • Published: Feb 2nd, 2012

Extreme cold is proving deadly in Europe, with snow falling all the way to the Adriatic coast.

Groundhog Day in a Year Without a Winter

  • Published: Feb 2nd, 2012

Groundhog Day is here, but winter has already been more like spring in many parts of the U.S.

Weird Winter Continues with Western Storms

  • Published: Jan 20th, 2012

Winter storms are hitting the West Coast, while much of the country remains milder and drier than average.

A Graphical Tour Through the Climate of 2011

  • Published: Jan 20th, 2012

The streak of warm years continued in 2011, with severe weather and climate extremes in the U.S. and worldwide.

Seattle Sees Nearly a Year’s Worth of Snow in One Storm

  • Published: Jan 18th, 2012

With a major snowstorm hitting the Pacific Northwest, a look at the Seattle area's snowfall history.