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Heat and Threat of Wildfires Blaze on in Australia

  • Published: Jan 11th, 2013

One of the worst heat waves on record in Australia has led to massive dust storms and wildfires.

5 Charts Help Illustrate 2012 As Warmest Year on Record

  • Published: Jan 9th, 2013

These five charts capture the record warm and dry year of 2012 throughout the lower 48 states.

Tell Me Why: The Climate Extremes Index Matters

Tell Me Why: The Climate Extremes Index Matters

  • Published: Jan 4th, 2013

Climate scientist Deke Arndt explains the Climate Extremes Index and the critical information it contains.

Extreme Weather 101: Drought & Our Changing Climate

Extreme Weather 101: Drought & Our Changing Climate

  • Published: Dec 26th, 2012

Scientist Mike Brewer and meteorologist Dan Satterfield explain the connection between drought and a changing climate.

World Bank Ties Ending Poverty with Climate Change

  • Published: Nov 19th, 2012

A World Bank report urges action on climate change as it examines the impacts of a 7.2°F rise in global temperature.

Only Rare Cold Will Keep 2012 From Being Hottest Year

  • Published: Nov 18th, 2012

While it's still technically possible that 2012 won't end up as the warmest year on record for the U.S., but it's not likely.

A Record Lack of Rain in Drought-Stricken Nebraska

  • Published: Oct 15th, 2012

As far as drought-stricken states go, Nebraska is at the top, having seen its driest July-to-Sept. period on record.

Welcome Rains Are Forecast, But So Are Severe Storms

  • Published: Oct 12th, 2012

A wild weather weekend may be in store for much of the Plains and Midwest, as rain comes with threat of tornadoes.