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Melting Permafrost Will Boost Temps, But Not Quickly

  • Published: Oct 5th, 2012

Scientists show how melting permafrost could add to global warming, and the results aren't what you might expect.

Sea Level in the Year 3000: Why We Should Care

  • Published: Oct 2nd, 2012

A new study published Tuesday that talks about sea level rise in the year 3000 is important for a variety of reasons.

Image of the Day: Shelter Dogs Get New Leash on Life

  • Published: Sep 8th, 2012

High-energy shelter dogs are chosen & their energy is channeled into finding the scat of endangered species.

Global Warming Good for Biodiversity? Only at a Big Cost

  • Published: Sep 4th, 2012

New study says there's more biodiversity in a warmer world, but only after wiping out many existing species.

Image of the Day: Drought Forces Cows to Moo-ve East

  • Published: Sep 4th, 2012

Ranchers out West are being forced to move their cattle eastward in order to escape extreme drought conditions.

Image of the Day: Niger Caught Amid Weather Extremes

  • Published: Aug 28th, 2012

Niger's capital city was hit was severe flooding just before the region suffered from extreme drought.

Image of the Day: Birds Fly North for the Winter?

  • Published: Aug 27th, 2012

UK Scientists report colonies of birds and some insects are moving north in response to climate change.

Image of the Day: Super Smart Car, a Breath of Fresh Air

  • Published: Aug 19th, 2012

Airpods are vehicles producing zero pollution and zip around at 40 mph through the magic of compressed air.