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Image of the Day: Freshwater Woes for Scenic Malta

  • Published: Aug 9th, 2012

The magnificent country of Malta may be in for freshwater scarcity, warns the European Environmental Agency.

Image of the Day: Artistic Ice Waves off Greenland

  • Published: Aug 6th, 2012

During the summer melting season, the East Greenland Current swirls newly calved icebergs into stunning shapes.

Image of the Day: For This Forest, It’s Easy Being Green

  • Published: Aug 4th, 2012

The Guyana Iwokrama forest is protected from deforestation, which generates one-fifth of all greenhouse gases.

Image of the Day: Grab Your Shades for This Sunny Shot

  • Published: Aug 3rd, 2012

Given it’s essentially a hydrogen bomb exploding for more than four billion years, the Sun is remarkably stable.

Image of the Day: A ‘Drunken Forest’ in Alaska

  • Published: Jul 30th, 2012

"Drunken forests" such as this one in Alaska, can be found where large-scale thawing of ground ice has occurred.

Image of the Day: A ‘Starry Night’ of Algae from Space

  • Published: Jul 29th, 2012

An explosion of blooms occur when deep currents bring nutrients up to the water surface and spurs the growth of algae.

Image of the Day: Indonesia’s ‘River of Refuse’

  • Published: Jul 25th, 2012

Jakarta's river is one of the most polluted in the world. Decomposing trash contributes to climate change.

Countdown to July 24 Release of ‘Global Weirdness’

  • Published: Jul 23rd, 2012

The countdown is on. We're talking hours here. Climate Central’s first book -- Global Weirdness -- hits the stores on July 24.