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What Is America’s Most Fuel-Efficient Airline?

What Is America’s Most Fuel-Efficient Airline?

  • Published: Sep 11th, 2013

Group ranks major airlines based on fuel efficiency, but there are many unknowns about how airlines burn fuel.

You Asked, We Answered: Response to 2013 Cars Report

You Asked, We Answered: Response to 2013 Cars Report

  • Published: Sep 5th, 2013

Report authors respond to reader comments and questions regarding our 2013 Climate-Friendly Cars report.

Climate Central Leads 2012’s Climate Coverage

  • Published: Jan 2nd, 2013

Year-end numbers for media coverage of climate change show Climate Central led the pack.

Wind Power Has its Limits, But It’s Not the Sky

  • Published: Sep 9th, 2012

Could existence of wind turbines slow the planet’s winds to the point where they couldn’t generate any more energy?

Extreme Weather Can’t ‘Surprise’ Insurance Companies

  • Published: Sep 4th, 2012

Severe weather has been clobbering insurance companies, and the headlines just keep coming.

Image of the Day: Drought Forces Cows to Moo-ve East

  • Published: Sep 4th, 2012

Ranchers out West are being forced to move their cattle eastward in order to escape extreme drought conditions.

Lost in Watergate’s Wake: Nixon’s Green Legacy

  • Published: Aug 8th, 2012

Richard Nixon, who resigned 38 years ago today, was a champion of protecting the environment.

Image of the Day: Weird Weather Worries Organizers

  • Published: Jul 27th, 2012

A summer full of bizarre weather in the UK, with torrential rain and now scorching sun, has created hurdles for the Olympics.