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New Study Casts Doubt on “Missing Heat” Hypothesis

  • Published: Jan 30th, 2012

Have you heard the tale about the “missing heat” in the climate system? Well, it turns out it may not have gone missing after all.

Global Warming Satellite Data Claims Don’t Withstand Scrutiny

  • Published: Dec 20th, 2011

Examining claims that temperature data from satellites casts doubt on mainstream climate science findings.

Global Warming Debunked! Or…not.

  • Published: Jul 28th, 2011

Does a new paper by University of Alabama scientist Roy Spencer prove global warming is a house of cards? The evidence is seriously underwhelming.

What’s Normal Weather, Anyway?

  • Published: Jun 30th, 2011

A redefinition of what counts as normal weather has just been released by NOAA. Our new interactive graphic lets you explore the changes

2010 Russian Heatwave More Extreme Than Previously Thought

  • Published: Mar 17th, 2011

The deadly Russian heatwave of 2010 was a more exceptional event than the 2003 European heatwave, a new study finds.

Arctic Exploration for Climate Science

  • Published: Mar 14th, 2011

A team of explorers have set off across the Arctic to track the effects of climate change.

Permafrost Timebomb

  • Published: Feb 18th, 2011

As the Arctic melts, the ground may release half again as much carbon dioxide as humans have created through fossil-fuel burning in the past few hundred years.

Weekly Climate Science Roundup

  • Published: Feb 15th, 2011

Noteworthy climate science studies published between February 8 and 14th.