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Image of the Day: Akimiski Island on the Rebound

  • Published: Aug 26th, 2012

A satellite view of Akimiski Island, which has rebounded after years being compressed under glaciers.

Romm’s Book ‘Language Intelligence’ Insightful, Important

  • Published: Aug 13th, 2012

Heidi Cullen's review of well-known blogger Joe Romm's new book, which introduces the concept of language intelligence.

Image of the Day: Freshwater Woes for Scenic Malta

  • Published: Aug 9th, 2012

The magnificent country of Malta may be in for freshwater scarcity, warns the European Environmental Agency.

Maya Lin’s ‘Last Memorial’ Honors ‘What is Missing’

  • Published: Aug 6th, 2012

Maya Lin is creating a memorial for nature, hoping that the visual and auditory art of the memorial will be a "wake up call."

Image of the Day: Grab Your Shades for This Sunny Shot

  • Published: Aug 3rd, 2012

Given it’s essentially a hydrogen bomb exploding for more than four billion years, the Sun is remarkably stable.

Image of the Day: A Fountain of Color in Yosemite Valley

  • Published: Aug 2nd, 2012

A river of rain and snowmelt plunging into Yosemite Valley collide against rocks at the bottom, sending up a rainbow.

Like Ozone Layer, Holes in Study on Thunderstorms

  • Published: Aug 1st, 2012

A new study claims thunderstorms threaten to rip a hole in the ozone layer, but elements of the study are unproven.

Image of the Day: Who Says Lightning Can’t Strike Twice?

  • Published: Aug 1st, 2012

During thunderstorm that lasted only 30 minutes in Toronto, lightning struck the iconic CN Tower – more than once.