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Wacky Winter Weather May Be Global Weirding

  • Published: Mar 5th, 2012

It has been a weird wacky winter, with crazy, hot temperatures smashing hundreds of records.

Image of the Day: Masking the Pollution in Mexico City

  • Published: Mar 5th, 2012

Activists in Mexico are protesting pollution by placing gas masks on statues of Mexican heroes.

Image of the Day: Lonely Survivor Endures in Sea of Brown

  • Published: Mar 4th, 2012

Slash and burn practices in northern Thailand leave one lone green tree in a sea of brown.

Image of the Day: Silent Footsteps in the Snow

  • Published: Mar 3rd, 2012

A miko, or shrine maiden, walks as snow falls at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, Japan.

Rising Temps in Northwest May Impact Hydro, California

  • Published: Mar 2nd, 2012

In the coming decades, warmer temperatures could hamstring California's hydropower source in the Pacific Northwest.

Image of the Day: Storms are a Brewin’ over the U.S.

  • Published: Mar 1st, 2012

A map illustrating the high probability of thunderstorms for the Eastern U.S. for Friday

Image of the Day: A Beautiful Feathery Ice Crystal

  • Published: Mar 1st, 2012

Delicate ice crystals are formed from the snow during a cold, calm night.

Snow, Deadly Tornadoes Slam Upper Midwest, Ohio Valley

  • Published: Feb 29th, 2012

A powerful storm spawned deadly tornadoes, at the same time as blizzard conditions pummeled the Upper Midwest.