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Image of the Day: Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Faster

  • Published: Mar 18th, 2012

A new estimate lowers the amount of heat necessary, and thus the time needed, to melt the Greenland ice sheet

Heat Wave Sizzles On, Toppling More Than 2,000 Records

  • Published: Mar 17th, 2012

Longstanding records are being broken as a major March heat wave grips much of the country.

Image of the Day: Let Sleeping Volcanoes Lie

  • Published: Mar 17th, 2012

According to scientists, Death Valley's Ubehebe Crater may be ripe for another explosion.

Image of the Day: Hippos Are in Their Element

  • Published: Mar 16th, 2012

A few hippos surface from a pond in the Maasai Mara national reserve in Kenya, an area heavily affected by prolonged drought.

Heat Wave Across Much of U.S. Marches On

  • Published: Mar 15th, 2012

An historic March heat wave continues across much of the country, as cool and wet conditions prevail across the West.

May-like Weather in the East, While Snow Slams the West

  • Published: Mar 14th, 2012

The country is divided between rare March warmth in the East, and cool and stormy conditions in the West.

Records Fall Across Country as Temperatures Soar

  • Published: Mar 13th, 2012

A rare weather pattern for March is allowing May-like temperatures in the East, while the West gets pounded by storms.

Record Warm Week Ahead East of the Rockies

  • Published: Mar 12th, 2012

A record warm week is ahead for much of the U.S. as highs reach the 70s all the way to the Upper Midwest and New England.