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Urooj Raja


Urooj Raja is a Research Analyst and Multimedia Fellow at Climate Central. She received her B.A. in history with honors, and a minor in South Asian studies from Princeton University. She worked as an adviser to the Permanent Mission from Pakistan to the United Nations and the Observer Mission from the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) where she advised delegations on economic, legal, and environmental issues. Urooj was also an instructor in Columbia University's Community Impact initiative and the Harlem Children's Zone. She was appointed as a Community Liaison by New York State Assembly Member Deborah Glick (NY-13), researching legislation and presenting recommendations to policymakers and constituents.

Urooj is currently focusing on water treatment initiatives in northern Ghana, inland Algeria, and rural Morocco working as a Community Water Solutions fellow to implement market strategies, such as microfinance to combat water pollution and soil desiccation. She is a member of UN-Water, UNDESA, and the UNCEIF led post-2015 Water Thematic Consultations towards the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals.


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