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Understanding the energy economy and emerging technologies is the key to slowing climate change. Climate Central's energy program analyzes energy systems, renewables, and impacts to provide sharp, insightful, and timely reports designed to do just that. Our work is data-driven and locally targeted, designed to provide the public and policy-makers with findings that are relevant to the real-world challenges we face as we tackle the transition to a less carbon intensive energy system.

Our Energy Reports

Hybrids Better for Climate than Leaf, Tesla in Most States

A look at the most climate-friendly cars on the market today and how that list varies depending on where you live.

Natural Gas & Climate Change

An extensive review of the potential global warming impacts of switching U.S. power generation from coal to natural gas.
Can U.S. Carbon
Emissions Keep Falling?
How the current downward trend in U.S. carbon emissions is unlikely to continue without major departures from the ways energy is produced.

A Roadmap to 
Climate-friendly Cars

America's high-carbon energy grid is short- circuiting efforts to give consumers climate-friendly, electric-vehicle options.

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