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Climate Science

Climate Central is a leading authority on climate science. Our science team cuts through the hype with clear-eyed analysis of climate change, delivering just the facts and findings. We dig deep into the the data to produce reports on climate trends and impacts, from state level temperature trends, to wildfires, heat waves, drought, precipitation and more. Our reports make climate change interesting and meaningful to people where they live, and provide policy-makers with objective, relevant facts on the issue.

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• Our Climate Science Team •

Ben Strauss, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist

Bernadette Woods Placky 
Chief Meteorologist,
Climate Matters Program Director

Eric Larson, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Energy Systems

Claudia Tebaldi, Ph.D.
Science Fellow, Climate Statistics

Sean Sublette

Jennifer Brady
Senior Data Analyst

• Climate Central in the Media •

Climate Central Analysis
Featured on ‘Katrina 2065’

Ben Strauss on Coastal Flooding
with PBS NewsHour

Climate Central's Days Above Analysis
Featured on The Weather Channel

Bernadette Woods Placky Talks
Heavy Rain with Sam Champion

Alyson Kenward Discusses Alaskan Wildfires
on The Weather Channel

Sean Sublette Talks Weather, Forecasting
and Climate with Larry Mendte

Heidi Cullen's Senate Testimony
on Climate Change

Ben Strauss' Senate Testimony
on Sea Level Rise

Heidi Cullen Tackles Extremes

Ben Strauss Talks Hurricane Sandy,
Rising Seas with Anderson Cooper

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• Climate Central in the News •


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