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Heidi Cullen, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist


Ben Strauss, Ph.D.
Vice President for Sea Level
and Climate Impacts


Bernadette Woods Placky 
Meteorologist, Climate Matters 
Program Director


Todd Sanford, Ph.D.
Climate Scientist


Alyson Kenward, Ph.D.
VP of Creative Production, Senior Scientist


Eric Larson, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Energy Systems


Claudia Tebaldi, Ph.D.
Science Fellow, Climate Statistics


James Bronzan
Research Analyst



Our Experts in the Media

Cullen Talks Years of Living Dangerously

Dr. Heidi Cullen discusses with CBS’ Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation the results of the recent IPCC report on global warming, and her role as chief science advisor on a new documentary series on climate change.

Woods-Placky on MSNBC’s Lean Forward

Climate Central meteorologist Bernadette Woods Placky explains why cold snaps like the polar vortex happen in a warming world.  

Strauss’ Senate Testimony on Sea Level Rise

On April 19th, 2012, Climate Central's Ben Strauss testified before the Senate committee on Energy and Natural Resources on the impact of sea level rise.
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Press Releases

Climate change increased chances of record rains in Louisiana by at least 40 percent
September 7, 2016 — Human­-caused climate warming increased the chances of the torrential rains that unleashed devastating floods in south Louisiana in mid-August by at least 40 percent. . . .
New Analysis Finds Strong Climate Change Link To Recent Deluge in France
June 9, 2016 — Human­-caused climate change played an important role in the heavy rains that pounded parts of France for days near the end of May, scientists with World Weather Attribution(WWA) concluded. . . .
Scientists and Journalists Launch Effort to Improve Communication of Contentious Science
April 22, 2016 — Why do so many people reject broadly accepted scientific findings? What are the psychological, behavioral, and cultural threads that tie together the fear of vaccinations with denial of climate change?. . . .
America’s Preparedness Report Card Shows States Largely Unprepared to Face Future Extreme Weather Risk
November 18, 2015  — A new report released today shows that states across the country are largely unprepared to face the significant and increasing risks posed by changing levels of extreme weather, including: extreme heat,. . . .
WXshift Launches: Site Offers Weather With Local Climate Trends  
September 15, 2015  — Today, Climate Central launched WXshift, a groundbreaking weather website that combines weather forecasts with local climate trends to help Americans understand how climate change. . . .
Rising Seas Disproportionately Threaten Gulf's Poorest  
August 20, 2015  — Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, the poorest Gulf state residents continue to face disproportionate threat from coastal flooding as oceans rise, according to three new reports on the impacts. . . .
Vote for Climate Central's Surging Seas: $25K Grand Prize in Solutions Search  
March 26, 2015  — I am delighted to announce that Climate Central has been chosen as one of 10 national finalists in the Reducing Our Risk contest sponsored by Solutions Search, for our sea level rise map. . . .
Decoding the SOCCOM Floats — Google Hangout On-Air  
March 17, 2015  — Hear from leading Southern Ocean scientists as they discuss their experiences with an innovative new technology that’s making it possible to better understand how the vast, remote. . . .
Rising Ocean Floods To Threaten $10 Billion In Texas  
December 8, 2014  — Coastal communities throughout Texas will likely experience extreme floods topping 5 feet above the high-tide line by midcentury, and see records broken from Freeport to Corpus Christi. . . .
Google Hangout With Lead Scientists From New SOCCOM Mission  
December 4, 2014  — World's leading Southern Ocean experts discuss a new breakthrough in gathering critical climate data from one of the most remote, but important regions of the planet. Discover the role . . . .
Record Floods Imminent As Seas Rise In Delaware  
September 16, 2014  — Coastal communities throughout Delaware will likely see record-breaking floods within 20 years. Floods reaching more than 5 feet above the high tide line are likely within half a century . . . .
Rising Seas Drive Isabel-Topping Flood Threat For D.C.  
September 16, 2014  — The Washington, D.C. area will likely see a record flood before mid-century. That is the threat of waters topping 8 feet above high tide line in the Tidal Basin — a foot higher than Hurricane Isabel . . . .
Widely Varying Risks For Record Floods As Seas Rise In Maryland  
September 16, 2014  — Coastal and tidewater communities throughout Maryland will likely see record-breaking floods within 20 to 60 years, depending on location. That is the threat under a mid-range sea level rise. . . .