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Ben Strauss, Ph.D.


Bernadette Woods Placky 
Meteorologist, Climate Matters 
Program Director


Eric Larson, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist, Energy Systems


Claudia Tebaldi, Ph.D.
Science Fellow, Climate Statistics



Our Experts in the Media

Woods-Placky on MSNBC’s Lean Forward

Climate Central meteorologist Bernadette Woods Placky explains why cold snaps like the polar vortex happen in a warming world.  

Strauss’ Senate Testimony on Sea Level Rise

On April 19th, 2012, Climate Central's Ben Strauss testified before the Senate committee on Energy and Natural Resources on the impact of sea level rise.
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Press Releases

Air Pollution Progress Still Undermined by Western Wildfires
August 15, 2018  — Smoke pollution is leading to serious public health impacts as large wildfires across the American West become more frequent and destructive . . . . . .
"Disease Danger Days" on the Rise: Most U.S. Cities See Increase in Mosquito Risk-Zone Days
August 8, 2018  — The number of days when mosquito bites are the most dangerous is increasing across much of the U.S., representing a greater risk for transmission of mosquito-borne diseases, . . . . . .
Sea-level Tools Released in Spanish: Press release available in English & Spanish
July 18, 2018  — Detailed information is now available in Spanish for U.S. coastal communities on populations, infrastructure, and property at risk from rising sea levels and coastal floods through a trio of Climate Central web tools. . . . . .
Missouri Farms as Carbon Storehouse? New Study Finds Big Potential
July 18, 2018  — Faced with increasing and more intense extreme weather — heavier downpours, hotter temperatures, more severe droughts — farmers and ranchers in Missouri are turning to proven conservation practices. . . . . .
Climate Central Announces Appointment of Dr. Benjamin Strauss as President and CEO
May 1, 2018  — Climate Central today announced the appointment of Dr. Benjamin Strauss as President and CEO, effective May 7, 2018. . . . . .
Climate Central Celebrates 10-Year Mark With New Appointments; Announces New Board Members, Chief Scientist
March 1, 2018  — Climate Central welcomes Kathryn Murdoch and James. L. Bildner to its 11-member Board of Directors. Murdoch is the co-founder and president of the Quadrivium Foundation , a trustee of the Environmental Defense Fund. . . . .
Climate Matters Expands Into the Newsroom
September 7, 2017  — The Climate Matters program that has successfully helped hundreds of television meteorologists become key sources of local climate change information for audiences around the nation is now expanding further into the newsroom. . . . .
WMO and Climate Central Launch a New Interactive Map and Video Series
July 5, 2017  — In a year already marked by heatwaves and new daily temperature records, television weather presenters and Climate Central explored how climate. . . . .
Karen Florini joins Climate Central as Vice President for Programs
June 27, 2017  — Karen Florini, former Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Change at the U.S. State Department, joined Climate Central as Vice President for Programs. . . . .
Cities Face Rapidly Escalating Coastal Flood Exposure
May 10, 2017  — Rising sea levels are adding to the height of both chronic and extreme coastal flooding. According to new research published today in Climatic Change. . . . .
Climate Central Partnering with March for Science; Heidi Cullen a Featured Speaker on Climate Science
April 18, 2017  — On April 22, scientists and science supporters will take the streets to show their support of research and analysis. Climate Central is proud to announce its support for the March for Science and even more excited to have Heidi Cullen. . . . .
Climate change increased chances of record rains in Louisiana by at least 40 percent
September 7, 2016  — Human­-caused climate warming increased the chances of the torrential rains that unleashed devastating floods in south Louisiana in mid-August by at least 40 percent. . . .
New Analysis Finds Strong Climate Change Link To Recent Deluge in France
June 9, 2016  — Human­-caused climate change played an important role in the heavy rains that pounded parts of France for days near the end of May, scientists with World Weather Attribution(WWA) concluded. . . .
Scientists and Journalists Launch Effort to Improve Communication of Contentious Science
April 22, 2016  — Why do so many people reject broadly accepted scientific findings? What are the psychological, behavioral, and cultural threads that tie together the fear of vaccinations with denial of climate change?. . . .
America’s Preparedness Report Card Shows States Largely Unprepared to Face Future Extreme Weather Risk
November 18, 2015  — A new report released today shows that states across the country are largely unprepared to face the significant and increasing risks posed by changing levels of extreme weather, including: extreme heat,. . . .
WXshift Launches: Site Offers Weather With Local Climate Trends  
September 15, 2015  — Today, Climate Central launched WXshift, a groundbreaking weather website that combines weather forecasts with local climate trends to help Americans understand how climate change. . . .