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The Grid at Risk Watch Video

The Grid at Risk

Dr. Ben Strauss points out to NBC’s Harry Smith that storms made worse and more frequent by climate change put the energy grid at great risk.

Catastrophic Drought a Possible Snapshot of Future Watch Video

Catastrophic Drought a Possible Snapshot of Future

MSNBC’s Tamron Hall interviews Climate Central Chief Climatologist Dr. Heidi Cullen about the role climate change plays in the dry and deadly weather.

Nearing the Tipping Point Watch Video

Nearing the Tipping Point

ABC’s Sam Champion asks Dr. Heidi Cullen if it’s too late to do anything about climate change.

Will Your Home Flood? Watch Video

Will Your Home Flood?

Sample coverage of the national report called Surging Seas, which has recalculated the risk of flooding to coastal communities across America.