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How Do We Know: Salty Seas

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How Do We Know: Salty Seas
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Deep, salty ocean currents are especially good at transporting and distributing heat evenly around the globe, but melting fresh water glaciers are changing our seas' salinity which means big things for the global climate system. Dr. Tony Busalacchi is using new technology to monitor salt in the oceans, tracking what changing salinity levels mean for our climate. 

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Tony Busalacchi Tony Busalacchi - Dr. Busalacchi is an oceanographer at the University of Maryland and chairs the Joint Scientific Committee of the World Climate Research Program. He researches climate variability and prediction, tropical ocean modeling, ocean remote sensing, and data assimilation.



Greenland and San Francisco Bay Greenland has been shedding billions of tons of ice in 2007, the melted equivalent of draining San Francisco Bay every 10 days