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ClimateCenter: Summer Forecast 2011 Watch Video

ClimateCenter: Summer Forecast 2011

This year's Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be busier than usual and the 2011 summer forecast calls for some extreme weather. Heidi Cullen makes the climate connection.

ClimateCenter: Spring Outlook Watch Video

ClimateCenter: Spring Outlook

With what feels like an especially long winter coming to an end, Dr. Heidi Cullen gives a climate outlook for spring 2011.

ClimateCenter: Wind 101 Watch Video

ClimateCenter: Wind 101

Besides being a force of nature, the wind is a promising renewable energy resource. But where does wind come from, and what's its true energy potential?

ClimateCenter: The New Normals Watch Video

ClimateCenter: The New Normals

What we’ve known as “normals” for our climate during the past decade will very likely change soon.

ClimateCenter: The Top Five Watch Video

ClimateCenter: The Top Five

Climate Central's Heidi Cullen counts down the five biggest climate events of 2010.

ClimateCenter: La Niña Update Watch Video

ClimateCenter: La Niña Update

The currents around the equator in the Pacific Ocean are cooler than average this year, which means we are experiencing the phenomenon known as La Niña. This can bring good weather conditions, or poor ones, depending on where you live and your point of view. Dr. Heidi Cullen explains.

ClimateCenter:  What La Nina means for winter weather Watch Video

ClimateCenter:  What La Nina means for winter weather

Dr. Heidi Cullen offers insight into how the phenomenon known as La Nina may affect upcoming winter weather patterns, and reports on the latest global temperature analysis released by NOAA.

ClimateCenter: Global Temperatures and the Hurricane Season Watch Video

ClimateCenter: Global Temperatures and the Hurricane Season

Dr. Heidi Cullen has a look behind the numbers of the just-released NOAA temperature analysis, and reports on the 2010 hurricane season as it passes the midway mark.