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The Shum Show: Charging Up the Future Watch Video

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The Shum Show: Charging Up the Future

While it certainly presents challenges, climate change also opens doors to new opportunities for innovation and development in technology — including big batteries.

Different Shades of Green Watch Video

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Different Shades of Green

Are all green cars created equal? It’s a complicated question, but Climate Central found the answer.

What Does Nuclear Power Cost? Watch Video

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What Does Nuclear Power Cost?

We don't know what it will cost to build the next nuclear power plant in the U.S.

Iowa: Corn and Climate Watch Video

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Iowa: Corn and Climate

Congress helped bolster the corn ethanol business in Iowa by mandating the Renewable Fuel Standard in 2005. But scientists are concerned about the unexpected consequences of putting more of Iowa's land into corn production.

Montana: Trout and Drought Watch Video

Videos - States of Change

Montana: Trout and Drought

Montana's recreational fishing and agricultural industries depend on cool waters flowing from melting snow high in the mountains throughout the summer. But across Montana, rising temperatures are causing a series of changes.


Natural & Human-caused Coastal Flood Days in the U.S. New analysis looks at the human-caused influence on the number of coastal flood days across the U.S.

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