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Global Fight For Natural Resources ‘Has Only Just Begun’

Business & academic leaders gathered at the Resource 2012 conference to discuss the growing battle for natural resources.

Climate Central’s Record Temperature Tracker

Keep tabs on and explore record temperatures using Climate Central's interactive record tracker.

Image of the Day: Fluorescent Frogfish May Fail to Flourish

Reef fish, like the giant frogfish, will be in danger in a warming climate as coral reefs will begin to degrade.

Record Amount of Arctic Sea Ice Melted in June

The Arctic sea ice melt season is underway, and a record amount of ice was lost during June.

Drought Prompts Natural Disaster Declaration in 26 States

Widespread drought has prompted the Agriculture Department to issue its largest natural disaster declaration on record.

Texas Court Rules Air Deserves Same Protection As Water

Texas District Court's ruling declared that the air and atmosphere are part of the "public trust," which requires protection.

Trust Us, Photo is Real; And So Is Toll From Red Sludge

A Spanish photographer documented the lasting effects of the 2010 spill from an aluminum oxide refinery in Hungary.

Sea Level Rise: It Could Be Worse than We Think

A new analysis implies partial melting of giant ice caps could raise sea level dramatically higher than previously thought.

Colorado’s ‘Most Destructive’ Fire Now Fully Contained

The Waldo Canyon fire, the “most destructive” ever in Colorado, was reported to be 100 percent contained.

Spurred by Record Heat, Drought Stretches Across U.S.

Drought conditions continue to expand with nearly 61 percent of the U.S. now in at least "moderate" drought conditions.

Preventing Fires, Before Everything’s Aflame

A look at the Southwest's forest management woes as budgets shrink and fires get larger and more frequent.

Image of the Day: A Frog Marriage or a Plea for Rain?

Droughts persist in India -- not to mention the U.S. -- prompting a frog marriage as an offering to the rain gods in Nagpur, India.

Heidi Cullen Tackles Climate Extremes on ABC News

Climate Central's Heidi Cullen discusses on ABC Nightly News how global warming affects the odds of extreme weather.

New Reports Show Impact of Manmade Global Warming

Two new reports present a peer reviewed tour through the extreme weather and climate events of 2011.

El Nino May Be On the Way, Altering Weather Patterns

There's an increasing likelihood that El Nino conditions will develop by September, which will alter weather patterns.

Image of Day: Baby Hedgehogs Hanging On Hairy Brush

Heavy rains in the United Kingdom have persisted for months. The rains swept away the mother of three baby hedgehogs.

The Extreme Weather of 2012 Represented in One Chart

The weather of 2012 has been so unusual that the Climate Extremes Index has reached a new high.

U.S. Has Warmest Year-to-Date As Drought Expands

NOAA has just come in with the June climate numbers, and they all point in one direction: hot and dry

2012 Heat Wave is Historic, if not Unprecedented

After breaking thousands of records, how does the recent heat wave compare vs. hottest summers in U.S. history?

Image of the Day: Orangutans’ Future Goes Up in Smoke

Indonesia is the third largest carbon emitter, and it is also bringing orangutans to the brink of extinction.