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Image of the Day: Artistic Ice Waves off Greenland

During the summer melting season, the East Greenland Current swirls newly calved icebergs into stunning shapes.

Maya Lin’s ‘Last Memorial’ Honors ‘What is Missing’

Maya Lin is creating a memorial for nature, hoping that the visual and auditory art of the memorial will be a "wake up call."

The Rare Earth Riches Buried Beneath Greenland’s Vast Ice

The 17 elements are in major demand, but potential wealth must be balanced against environmental responsibilities.

Study Shows Planet Keeping Pace With CO2 Emissions

Study shows that though the planet can't continue to absorb half of our CO2 emissions, we haven't hit a tipping point.

Drought Intensifies and May Last Through October

Drought conditions worsened in the High Plains during the past week, while rains trimmed the edges of the drought area.

Flash Drought in U.S. Explained in 21 Seconds

This 22-second animation shows the progression of the record-setting drought that is affecting the majority of the U.S.

Six Images You Need to See to Understand the Drought

The story of the 2012 U.S. record-setting extreme drought, told through key images and graphics.

Image of the Day: For This Forest, It’s Easy Being Green

The Guyana Iwokrama forest is protected from deforestation, which generates one-fifth of all greenhouse gases.

Ernesto Marches On, May Be a Hurricane Soon

Tropical Storm Ernesto may become a hurricane by the time it hits the western Caribbean.

Oklahoma Is OK if You Like Sizzling Temperatures

Sizzling heat continues to affect Oklahoma with near-record heat and temperatures propelled by extreme drought conditions.

Our Curiosity with Mars Continues; Rover Nears Landing

After an eight-month journey, the attempted Mars landing of NASA's rover Curiosity early Monday will be major news.

Image of the Day: Grab Your Shades for This Sunny Shot

Given it’s essentially a hydrogen bomb exploding for more than four billion years, the Sun is remarkably stable.

Oklahoma City Tops Out at 112, Misses Mark by 1 Degree

Oklahoma City may set an all-time high temperature record, after sweating through the warmest day since 1936.

Developing Tropical System Headed for Caribbean

Within 48 hours Tropical Depression 5 could become Tropical Storm Ernesto, the fifth named storm of the season.

Image of the Day: A Fountain of Color in Yosemite Valley

A river of rain and snowmelt plunging into Yosemite Valley collide against rocks at the bottom, sending up a rainbow.

USDA Expands Drought Disaster Zones Across U.S.

The USDA has designated more than half of all U.S. counties as agricultural disaster areas due to the record-setting drought.

Cities Across U.S. Bore Brunt of Record-Setting July Heat

Preliminary climate data shows that July was one of the hottest months on record, from Denver to D.C.

Drought Helps Dry Up Tornadoes as July Sees Record Low

While Canada saw plenty of tornadoes, the U.S. had its lowest number July twisters since high-quality records began in 1954.

Like Ozone Layer, Holes in Study on Thunderstorms

A new study claims thunderstorms threaten to rip a hole in the ozone layer, but elements of the study are unproven.

Image of the Day: Who Says Lightning Can’t Strike Twice?

During thunderstorm that lasted only 30 minutes in Toronto, lightning struck the iconic CN Tower – more than once.


New York: July Days Over 90 Degrees By mid-century in New York, the sweltering heat of July 2010 may be thought of as cooler-than-average conditions